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How to install RAM

Posted on: November 15, 2007

Hi, this post is about how to install RAM. If you have read my other my posts on how to install RAM then you will have seen that in part 4 of how to speed up your computer i talked about getting the right RAM for your computer. Well now I’m going to show you how to install that new RAM. Just an apology at the start, The pictures are not that great I’m sorry. I need a better camera and will be on my to get things list for Christmas! 

OK lets get started, Getting rid of cables and opening the case.
Firstly lets remove all the cables from the back of the computer accept the power cable and keep the mains on(don’t worry you wont get electrocuted).
  Now to open the case, release any lock or screws on the left side of your case if you have a tower computer(or the top if you have a desktop machine). Once any safety locks or screws have been released get a grip on the side of the case and push towards the back of the case to slide the panel free.

De-Static yourself
Computer chips are very vulnerable to static electricity and it can short-circuit them. This counts for basically anything on the computer. The power supply is a way to De-static yourself, this is why i told you to leave the power in. Just touch the power supply for at-least a second with a hand before touching any computer parts.

Find a free slot and make sure the side locks are up.
We need to check whether your computer has a slot free to put an extra RAM chip in and then make sure that the RAM side locks are released before putting the RAM in. Your RAM will be located directly on the motherboard and will already have at-least 1 RAM stick already inside. At the free slot there should be two plastic locks at each side of the slot, you need to push this aside to allow room for the RAM to fit.

Installing the RAM
Ok make sure that you are discharged and take your new RAM. In the slot you have prepared(opened the side locks) place the RAM into the slot provided. The RAM will only fit one way. Make sure that you have the RAM in place then place both thumbs on each side of the RAM and push until you hear an audible click(this will be the side locks setting into place), the RAM does take quite a lot of pressure to fit(more than you would expect for something so small).

Replace the  cables and boot!
OK now your done! replace the cables back into the computer. You should now be ready to do your first boot up of the computer. Do your first boot of the computer without the case side on just in-case something is wrong. Once the system is started up it should automatically recognise the new memory.You can right-click on my computer and select properties to view the new amount of RAM that you have.

Got a problem?
If windows fails to recognize the new RAM or just doesn’t start-up at all then:

  • Turn of the computer
  • Remove all cables(except power cable)
  • De-static yourself
  • Check that the RAM module is properly secured inside its slot.
  • If the RAM is seated properly but the locks are not setting then remove the module and re-insert.

If that hasn’t helped you then you either have the wrong memory type or you have faulty RAM. You will need to get a replacement from your supplier.

Well i hope nothing does go wrong for you when installing your new RAM. Thats the end of this post and thanks for reading. I will soon be doing a guide on how to setup and share files with another computer so keep on checking for a new post!


2 Responses to "How to install RAM"

thanks alot my dear for these usefull and rich information
it is realy made simple way to get learning
again thank you very very much

all the best
from kuwait

hiya, I’ve just bought a gb of RAM and i’m ready to install it. i know how to install the RAM but i was wondering if anything could go wrong for example, loss of files etc. could u e-mail me and let me know

thanks a lot man

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